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      I’m hoping Avalanche will end up allowing my users to communicate at the lowest possible gas costs without sacrificing decentralization:

      Check out this discussion of Avax vs Solana , Fantom or Polygon.

      Ultimately, I think Avalanche presents an attractive balance between speed and decentralization.

      That said, for a small startup that is self-funding at first, the startup costs are significantly higher that a traditional web2 php/mysql approach. To quote the Avalance site : “The Primary Network is a special subnet, and all members of all custom subnets must also be a member of the Primary Network by staking at least 2,000 AVAX.” At the current price of around $28 / Avax you are looking at more than $50k to launch on the mainnet.

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      I may be completely off on my understanding here. I may have been confusing the validator role with the developer roles: Subnets require validators, and each validator must have a minimum of 2000 AVAX
      So it may be only the validator who is staking who needs to come up with +- $50k. They do so by tying up their capital in exchange for a guaranteed minimum annual (varies from 8% – 20%)

      Appreciate any one’s input on this. Meanwhile let me bury deeper into the Avax telegram group.

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