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Crypto is shaking the foundations of society, politics and economics. decryptofied  dives into the world of crypto and how it impacts business, investments and your wallet.

If you have a business, you’ll learn how to use crypto to gain clients, source products cheaper, and distribute goods and services more efficiently.

If you’re a consumer, you’ll gain insight on how crypto can save you money on travel and purchases. We’ll help you navigate the incredibly complex pathways to obtaining, deploying and safeguarding your crypto reserves.

If you’re an investor, we’ll present investing opportunities that did not exist until now. New ways of saving money and diversifying your investments. New possibilities for counteracting the effects of inflation. New sources of retirement income.

If you’re a trader, we’ll show you the best exchanges, and we’ll expose the worst.

This site is not only about the opportunities of crypto, but also its perils. Crypto can be a world of scams, overblown hopes and unbelievable hypes. decryptofied will help you navigate it with caution and avoid the pitfalls.