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      I just finished listening to this

    • video<
    • interview of the two original founders of Yeti Finance. They are very successful, growing the Total Value Locked from zero to $2 million in under four months.

      Two takeaways:
      1) all of these startups use fictitious names to hide the real founders. This is presumably to shelter them from the clutches of the SEC if they’re found to be violating US securities laws by marketing to Americans.
      2) This particular startup – in my opinion – will blow up unless it listens to its critiques and firms up tis collateralization process by eliminating or reducing the role of USDT.

      I wonder if using pseudonymous names will ultimately be a winner for these projects after the coming crypto-apocalypse. This apocalypse is in mid stage as we speak. The crypto space will survive – but I think future successful projects will not permit leaders who can simply disappear into the ether whn a project tanks.

      Doing things on the straight and narrow is expensive and exceedingly difficult – but I think its the path I’m going to take. It will be a plodding process.

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    Forgot the link! video

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