Bitcoin plus Lightning – The Future of Money?

People not familiar with the Crypto world often tend to lump all cryto-currencies together. They’re all based- on the blockchain, right? And developed by tin-hat wearing, twinky-eating geeks?

Well the latter argument may arguably be correct. But Bitcoin – and the associated Lightining 2 network that has been created to enhance Bitcoin’s know weaknesses (slow transactions / high cost) for everyday currency transactions – is very different from the 20,000 – odd altcoins that have surfaced in the last decade.

In this superb article, A Look At The Lightning Network, written for the brokerage Swan Bitcoin, the brilliant financial expert Lyn Alden, explains what sets Bitcoin and Lightning apart from all other cryptos.

The differences between Bitcoin and all other altcoins are quite dramatic, and have caused almost a schism in the crypto-world that approaches the vehemence of religious wars in the late 1500’s.

I’m not a Bitcoin purist, but I do lean heavily to that camp in this great philosophical debate around the future of money. Read this article to find out why Lightning adds the missing link to Bitcoin. Together, they are laying the foundation for what I believe will become the monetary base of the future global economy, after the US dollar falls from its throne.