The Death of Credit Cards?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more mainstream. Last month El Salvador declared Bitcoin to be legal tender for its citizens. A number of other Latin American countries have pending legislation proposing to do the same. We don’t see that happening in the next year, due to huge political pressures imposed against this by the IMF and US. But there’s no question that cryptocurrencies are going mainstream, in fits and bursts.

The biggest move to widespread acceptance may be when retail businesses realize they can lower their transaction fees, gain them new markets and is dirt simple to deploy.

That day is now on the far horizon. Watch this video from the creators of Flexa for one solution that is already working today. Flexa allows merchants to accept any cryptocurrency but receive funds in a cryptocurrency that is inherently stabilized to the value of their preferred FIAT currency. They can also accept credit cards, debit cards, paypal or venmo. Accepting crypto allows them to reduce their transaction fees by more than half while giving them better protection from credit card rejections.

Check out the video. We think this is the future of all ecommerce. Other solutions based on other cryptos will certainly emerge, but it looks to us like Flexa will be leading the pack. Which means you may just want to pick up a few AMM coins…