Will Greed & Bad Tech Kill Bittrex?

Bittrex is one of the largest and best known crypto exchanges used today. Anyone who trades in alt-coins pretty much has to have an account there in order to be successful. Given the rapid rise in popularity of alt-coins, the number of people accessing Bittrex on a regular basis has gone up at an incredible pace. There is just one problem.

It really seems that Bittrex is operating in much the same way they have years ago. For example, they are clearly not investing the massive profits they are making into upgrading their servers. Countless people have been complaining that when they go to make a trade the system becomes unavailable or errors out. While this doesn’t happen every time (or even most of the time), it happens enough to really piss some people off.

As all readers here know, a delay or error that results in even just a 1 minute lag time can cost a lot of money, or make someone miss out on a great opportunity.
The other problem is their terrible customer service. They will do virtually nothing to help customers with issues. Hundreds (if not thousands) of people have, for example, made the simple mistake of trying to send BCC to a BTC address. While this is a user error, it should be able to be fixed fairly easily by the exchange (which accepts both BCC and BTC). Rather than helping their customers out, they refuse to do anything unless the amount is over $3000, and if it is, they charge a HUGE fee to reverse the transactions.

While Bittrex is still an important exchange for now, if they don’t make some serious improvements soon, they will be overtaken by competitors like Binance or others. A change we would certainly welcome.

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Will Greed & Bad Tech Kill Bittrex?

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