REQ Nearly Ready for Launching their Test Network

Request-Network (REQ) has been slowly dropping in price for weeks, along with many other alt-coins. This coin is very inexpensive right now, costing just $.05-.07, despite the fact that it has very significant potential. For those who haven’t yet researched this option, they are looking to become ‘the next PayPal’ for money transfers, invoices, and many other things. There are a few things that set them apart from the competition, including lower fees, being currency agnostic, and more.

As with many companies in the crypto arena, they are still pretty early on in their development. The REQ team, however, has consistently been ahead of their stated goals. If you look at their GitHub, it looks like they might be almost ready to make a very big announcement regarding the launch of their test network.

Those who have used GitHub in the past can see the public files, including request.js, which is identified as ‘A JavaScript library for interacting with the Request Network protocol.’ There are also other files and updates that have been recently made that anyone can look at. It will require at least a basic understanding of Javascript and the GitHub platform to understand, but it is looking like great progress is being made.

Having a live test network would allow individuals and businesses to experiment with the system, and learn about all the benefits it has to offer. Perhaps more importantly, having a live test network up and running would allow the team at REQ to have real world data to analyze and confirm that everything is working as expected. This type of testing is an extremely important step in the development process, and is a strong indication that a production-ready system is not too far away.

For those investing in REQ, this may be a strong signal that a huge jump in price may be approaching. The launch of a test network would undoubtedly get some significant coverage, and attract a lot of new investors due to the fact that it would serve as a proof of progress on their project.

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REQ Nearly Ready for Launching their Test Network

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