Why POWR is Today’s Best Deal

Power-Ledger (POWR) shot up significantly last week on the rumor that they were going to be featured in the Palm Beach Report newsletter. When it was confirmed that it wasn’t going to be featured, this coin dropped back down some, and has continued to go down slowly ever since.

If you haven’t bought into POWR yet, this may be one of your last chances to get it ‘on sale’ like this. POWR is positioned really well for a very significant jump in the coming days and weeks. As of this writing, POWR is at 6988 Satoshi ($.67). I predict it will be over $1 by the end of the week as long as there is any type of positive news, which many are expecting. The following are the key reasons why POWR is so well positioned for a spike in price:

· Rumor of Deals – There is a strong rumor spreading that POWR will be announcing a deal with Thailand. While not confirmed what it is about, the team was in that country last week. Even if it isn’t a major deal, it should create some positive news.

· Low Market Cap – POWR’s market cap is only $239 million. For an innovative business that already has real world systems in place, this is quite low. There are many ‘junk coins’ out there with very little to offer that have market caps over $500 million.

· The Team – Anyone who has spent any amount of time researching POWR will be impressed with their team. They are incredibly hard working, and have an excellent combination of passion, skill, and experience. In many ways, they are the ‘dream team’ of the crypto/energy worlds.

· Over Correction – When POWR shot up to $.91 last week and then didn’t get the news they expected, we knew the price would drop. Our believe, however, is that this drop has been too significant for the situation. This should result in at least a reasonable rebound (up to somewhere in the $.80’s) even if there is absolutely no news.

· Bitcoin Drama – Bitcoin has shot up from $8000 to nearly $10,000 in the last week. People are pulling money from alt-coins like POWR and dumping it in BTC due to FOMO right now. As BTC settles down, money will flow back into alts, including POWR.

What do you think? You can leave your comments below. If you are aware of any news or rumors about POWR, please let us know that too!

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Why POWR is Today’s Best Deal

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