New Bitcoin CFD Trading Option from ICM Capital

ICM Capital is a major financial institution, and they have recently announced a new service for their customers. This service will allow customers to make investments based on where they think the price of Bitcoin (and potentially other crypto-currencies) is going to go over a set period of time. This is a common type of investment with commodities and other things, and given the volatility of the crypto market, it is a perfect fit here.

In the press release announcing this new option, ICM Capital wrote that the, “intrinsic volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them appealing to traders with a steady nerve.” It is certain that this type of trading isn’t for everyone, but there is quite a large market for it, and likely always will be.

It is important to note that this type of investing does not have the investors actually owning any bitcoin at any point during the process. That being said, it will certainly bring many new eyes onto the crypto market, which will almost certainly attract new buyers who are interested in the coins themselves.

ICM Capital is just the latest brokerage to add cryptocurrency trading for their customers this year. This is certainly a trend that will continue into 2018, with a growing list of options for this type of investment. While some who have been on the crypto scene are worried that bringing in more ‘institutional investors’ could have a negative impact on the crypto-economy, most will welcome the additional money that will undoubtedly flow into the market over time.

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New Bitcoin CFD Trading Option from ICM Capital

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