Litecoin makes it’s way to the top of the blockchain.

As I’m writing this article, Litecoin is trading at around $250. This is after making very impressive gains over the last few days, more than doubling in price. Naturally, everyone is looking closely at LTC and trying to decide if this upward momentum will continue, and whether it still makes sense to buy in.

The fact is, whether Litecoin goes up from here, or (as is more likely) has a dip, those who weren’t already invested into the coin missed out on more than doubling their money in just a couple days. So, one might wonder if they could have predicted this huge increase ahead of time and gotten in.

We here at Decryptofied had predicted the rise of Litecoin about two weeks ago, and proof of this can be seen in the post we made HERE. In that post we wrote about the fact that it didn’t make sense for Litecoin to be 100 times lower in price than Bitcoin, and predicted that it would go up significantly for a variety of reasons.

It certainly seems that we were proven right at this point. Litecoin remains a very strong coin, and while the short term is less clear, long term it is a good investment. It is one of the most well-established options out there, and is backed by fairly strong technology.

The question you should be asking yourself now isn’t whether you should buy into Litecoin, but what will the next coin to double in the coming days. Following the news and advice here on Decryptofied, and keeping up with high quality coins, is the best way to get into hot coins before they make their moves.

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Litecoin makes it’s way to the top of the blockchain.

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