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      To understand my reasons for this, it would be good if you start by checking out my existing web2-based approach, which uses a WordPress/php/mysql central server traditional approach to e-commerce. See TradeJolt.

      So as you see, I hope to grow this into a vibrant web community connecting tens of thousands of end users with thousands of publishers of financial expertise.

      What can web3 add to the project?

      1. Robustness – If properly set up, the blockchain will remove the central point of failure preoccupation one always has with a normal client-server architecture.
      2. Cost – Not sure about this yet, but I anticipate lower overall servicing costs in contrast to having to maintain multiple servers on different hosts and in different geographies in order to provide redundancy, with the difficulties of synchronization that that entails.
      3. Independence – With the application being dispersed across hundreds of nodes in a multitude of locations – I’ll be able to port the ownership to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). A DAO – if it truly is no longer centrally run by one individual or company – can be made to be inured from the political and financial pressures of individual national jurisdictions.
      4. Reach – By enabling individuals to participate economically in ownership of tokens which govern the site, this could greatly enhance user partication and encourage the virality of the project

      Will this prove to be true? Who knows? Only one way to find out…

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