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Crypto Currencies
Why Bitcoin Rules Still a Bitcoin sceptic? Prepare to have your beliefs shattered. Anthony Pompliano delivers compelling evidence of Bitcoin inevitable rise over all other asset classes to become the dominant global currency. general 50 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Why Bitcoin is worthless In June of 2021, Nassim Taleb, world-famous author, mathematicians and a highly successful former ‘quant’ trader, published a 5-page paper effectively condemning bitcoin to an inevitable and short-lived demise. Whether you are a Bitcoin maximalist or a crypto-critic, you owe it to yourself to read this carefully crafted treatise. Sorry, no TLDR allowed this time. Gotta go to the source. general 90 minutes Like the article? Rate it:
Refuting Taleb – Why Bitcoin is Anything But Worlthless Taleb’s reputation led to a panic among die-hard bitcoiners, until cooler heads prevailed. Here’s one of the better refutations of Taleb’s critiques. Judge for yourself. general 30 minutes Like the article? Rate it:
Bitcoin 2.0: The Lightning Network By the very design of its security protocol, Bitcoin itself is a victim of its success: transactions are slow and expensive – definitely not suited for small monetary transactions. All that may change with the Lighting Network, which I’ve dubbed “Bitcoin 2.0” . Transactions take seconds, not hours, and the cost approaches free. The Ligtning Network is already launched and growing at 30% a year. Read decrypt.co’s great explanation of the Lighting Netowork here. general 30 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Untangling Tokens from Cryptos – Why Tokens Will Transform Technology Tomorrow With over 10,000 cryptocurrencies at the time of writing and hundreds of thousands of NFT’s, it’s no wonder people find the world of crypto confusing. This article by Raoul Pal of Real Vision explains the different cstegories of crypto currencies, how they differ in security, governance and transaction costs, what DEFI and NFT’s are, and much more. Everyone from the most seasoned expert to the crypto-novice will find somethink new in this article. general 30 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
The Lightning Network – An Interview with Jack Mallard, Strike Founder Listen to the inimitable Pomp interviewing Jack Mallard. Mallard is the creator of the leading Lightning app, Strike, which facilitates Lightning payments. In this interview, Mallard argues that the Lighting Network makes Bitcoin so much better than any other cryptocurrency. Listen and give us your vote! general 30 minutes Like the video? Rate it:
For Web Admins Only: How to Set Up a Ligtning Node The Bitcoin lightning network is a second layer atop Bitcoin that allows for trustless instant settlement and cheap transactions. There are many ways to interact with lightning, like custodial/non-custodial mobile apps, but to gain the full benefits you may want to set up and manage your own lightning node. This tutorial will help you through the process of managing a lightning node via your Umbrel or myNode device. expert 65 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Send Money Abroad – Almost Free! International remittances are just short of a trillion dollar industy. Now Bitcoin’s Lightning network will severely disrupt the industry, to the detriment of banks and other middlemen and the benefit of end consumers. Learn how. . novice 20 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Critiques of Cryptocurrencies – Fear Uncertainty and Doubt
Addressing Bitcoin FUD – Fool’s Gold or Financial Future? We’re avowed Bitcoin enthusiasts. But we did not approach this space without addressing critiques leveled at it. In this video Dan Held – serial crypto entrepreneur and current Growth leader at Kraken crypto exchange – – does a great job of addressing – and we believe soundly refuting – those critiques. Judge for yourself. intermediate 46 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Bitcoin’s Biggest Threats – How Worried Should You Be With impeccable style and humorous British panache, CoinBureau’s Guy addresses the real threats and obstacles Bitcoin will have to address in achieving a long term position at the top of global finance. expert 19 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Crypto Currency Evils – Hacks , Exploits and More
Rekt News – Want To Avoid Scams? Then Know Thy Enemy At Decrytofied, we believe crypto represents the future of finance. That said, we know its a new frontier, and like the Wild West, has more than its fair share of bandits and thugs. And we think its our job not to trivialize the dangers. Every other week brings a new story of criminal genius, mind-bending naivete, and million dollars hacks. No place documents these accounts better than Rekt.news. Rekt’s purpose is to demonstrate the dangers, to warn the unwary and allow the ecosystem to fix its own frailties. This online news site should be high on the reading list of any big crypto investor. Like horror movies? Then you’ll love Rekt. Expert 10 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Crypto Plumbing – The Nuts and Bolts of Crypto
Crypto Miners vs Crypto Nodes At the core, all cryptos share a belief in decentralization of money. Here’a an explanation of how that is accomplished in physical reality general 30 minutes Like the article? Rate it:
Crypto Investing
Investment Rationale for Cryptocurrency This discussion by the people behind ARK Invest gives a comprehensive look at the original rationale for the birth of BitCoin, its early struggles, and today’s explosive growth. Novice to Expert 51 minutes Like the tool? Rate them for others:
CryptoCurrency Options and Futures Exchanges – Bitmex vs Deribit For sophisticated investors, the ability to buy options or futures allows sophisticated hedging strategies.Bitmex and Deribit are the two leading brokerages in this domain. Read here about their pros and cons. Expert 30 minutes Like the tool? Rate them for others:
Crypto Staking – Crypto’s Alternative To Bonds for Passive Income and Growth Kierin Mulholland explains the ins and outs of staking cryptocurrencies on Uniswap or Mooniswap to earn high passive income. This can be very lucrative, and when you understand the risks, can greatly increase your earnings in the crypto world. Advanced 16 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Get The Lowest Crypto Fees in 2021! If you are trying to accumulate a crypto using dollar-cost-averaging, transaction fees can be a killer if you’re regularly investing small amounts. In this video, Rhett Reismann discusses the best solutions for beginners as well as experts. Expert 30 minutes Like the article? Rate it:
For Experts Only : Dollar Cost Average into Crypto for Less Rhett Reisman , an avid Youtuber and accomplished programmer, demonstrates how to leverage the power of an AWS account, Gemini’s low API trading fees to create a fully automated way to buy Bitcoin – or another crypto listed on Gemini – at an average cost of only 10 basis points. If you’re thinking of acquiring a lot of crypto over time, this is the way to go. Warning: this is only for people unafraid to mess with software code and api interfaces. If that is not you, but you want to buy a lot of crypto and lower your cost, send an email to us at admin@decryptofied.com and we’ll put you in touch with software experts offering a custom-made solution starting at $500. This only makes sense if you’re planning on investing $50,000 or more over time. expert 15 minutes Like the article? Rate it:
BlockFi – A Non Bank Bank. How Safe Is It? BlockFi is one of the best established “non-bank” crypto exchanges available to investors in the US. It offers an easy to use customer interface, and offers interest rates on USD-tracking stablecoins that are about 9 times higher than what banks offer. But they’re not FDIC guaranteed. How risky is it to put your money to work here. In this article, Jan Cortes of IBTimes gives compelling arguments on why it’s safe to use it. After reading it, tell us what you think? Disclosure We love BlockFi’s product and have even established an affiliate relationship. To support our website, please use the link below to register with BlockFi. novice 15 minutes Like the article? Rate it:
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Get The BlockFi Credit Card And Earn Bitcoin Rewards!
Crowd Lend Your Polka Dot Into Leading Polkadot Projects Polka Dot is the eighth largest crypto currency by market value. Their goal is to create a unified layer between all the main (Level 1) Blockchains enabling a flourishing global decentralized financial system. With $44 billion of total dollar values locked, it’s a concept that millions of crypto enthusiasts have bought into. With Polka Dots auctioning of limited slots on its Blockchain, both development teams and investors are now preented with a novel way of financially benefitting. For investors, it may be a way to bet on the future of the Polkadot ecosystem, while being richly rewarded with very high staking rewards for extending a 2 year loan to a number of the most promising projects in the parachain DEFI space, without losing money if that specific project crashes and the rest of the Polkadot ecosystem does well. For development teams with brilliant ideas but skimpy funding, its a novel approach to achieving instant recognition and deep levels of funding for at least a 2 year period, while gaining extremely valuable access to network infrastructure instantaneously without facing staggering upfront costs. This video explains the unique process of crowdlending by Kusama in detail. What do you think? Has PolkaDot really reinvented investing? Expert 38 minutes Like the tool? Rate them for others:
The Ultimate Deep Dive Into Bitcoin You’ve caught the Bitcoin bug? Then take the Bitcoin deep plunge, organized by the good folks at Swan Bitcoin. You will find hours of the best, well-organized path into every aspect of Bitcoin, from mining, to wallets, to commerce, to security. Warning: you may not come up for air in under a week. Be prepared to be have your world changed. general 60 hours Like the tutorial? Rate it:
How (Not) to Get REKT – Defi Hacks Explained With great opportunity comes great risk. This is certainly true of the crypto space and DEFI protocols. Don’t invest one penny into Defi protocols until you’re familiar with the risks. If you think you’re smart, believe me, some hackers are smarter. So what are some of the most common ways people lose money in DeFi? What are the different types of hacks and exploits? And most importantly, how can you minimise your chances of being negatively affected by hacks in the future? You’ll find answers to these questions in this video from Finematics. It makes difficult concept easy to understand. General 38 minutes Like the tool? Rate them for others:
Crypto Apps (“CryApps?”) – Real World Crypto Applications
Strike Transfers and CryptoWallets – Fiat to Bitcoin Transfers almost free. Strike is a new free app for all IOS or Android mobile devices. It leverages Plaid and the Lightning Network to offer the cheapest and easiest way to convert your fiat money into Bitcoin. This video by Stirling Greer provides step by step instructions for doing this, that anyone can follow. This is great for newbies! Check it out. Please note, if you sue the Blue Wallet, as hed does in this video, id adds about 0.8% to the overall cost of transfers. Experts running their own nodes can lower those to fractions of a penny (a couple hundred satoshis). novice 30 minutes Like the article? Rate it:
Crypto Exchanges
Coinbase A beginner’s intro to Coinbase, arguably the best exchange for new cryptocurrency traders dipping into this new world. novice 55 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
CoinbasePro An intermediate guide to CoinbasePro. How to sign up,navigate the portfolio, and place market, stop and limit orders, novice 12 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
5 Best Alternatives to Coinbase Coinbase may be the gorilla in the room, but there are a lot of other mnonkeys in this crypto jungle. Check out the nimblest challengers, as aptly described by CryptoGuy from Coin Bureau General 22 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Uniswap – The Decentralized Exchange Uniswap offers a low-cost crypto exchange with lower fees, safety and thousands of coin offerings. In this video, Guy from Coinbureau describes the pros and cons of this up-and-coming exchange. General 18 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Crypto Merchants
BitPay vs BTCPay: Which Bitcoin Payment Processor is Right for Your Business? This is a good head -on – head comparison of two of the leading solutions for websites wishing to accept cryptocurrency payments for their websites. Novice to Expert 20 minutes reading Like the article? Rate it for others:
Crypto Trading Tools
Crypto Trading Bots Review A review of the best trading bots. Crypto trading is only advisable to experienced traders. In this video, Guy of CoinBureau gives a great rundown of 5 popular trading bots. Advanced 51 minutes Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Crypto Trading Bots in 2021 For those of you who prefer the written word to videos, here’s a comprehensive recent rundown of the top 13 trading bots on the market, some free others not, suitable for novices or experts. Novice to Expert 20 minutes Like the tool? Rate them for others:
Crypto Careers
Crypto Learning – IvanOnTech Crypto Academy Here’s a very useful little funnel tools which will narrow down areas of crypto that can most benefit you. We consider the academy one of the better places to learn about crypto if you want to make a career of it. If you choose to subscribe, you’ll be supporting this website, as we are an affiliate. Novice to Expert 2 minutes Like the tool? Rate them for others:
Freelance for Bitcoin Full- or Part Time Tired of being paid in a fast declining local currency? Crypto’s are enabling jobhunters worldwide to be paid in their choice assets. They are permitting the lifestyle of the global nomad, who skip from country to country without forfeiting income. Many freelance sites now pay in Bitcoin or other cryptos, an essential proposition if you live in a weak-currency country and an attractive bet on the future if you believe that cryptos will continue to flourish against fiat currencies. From writing, to editing, to translating, to programming, here are 8 sites that let you earn real pay in crypto, from pocket change for simple tasks to great first-world wages for more professional work. This article lists 8 freelance sites that offer side gigs as well as full time work. Novice to Expert 2 minutes Like the tool? Rate them for others:
Crypto Legal Regulations
Explanation of Token Types and Applicable Government Regulations Thinking of issuing your own crypto token? Then you’ll need to understand the legal intricacies surrounding their purpose, functionality and targeted audience. These will have a critical impact of how you will be treated by governmental authorities and country jurisdictions. This article provides a great starting point in your research. Novice to Expert 30 minutes Like the tool? Rate them for others:
Navigating Crypto-Regulations for US Nationals This is article appeared in Medium in June 2018 and was an excellent overview of the rules an regulations that affect US crypto entrrepreneurs, be they investors or startups. Expert 30 minutes reading Like the tool? Rate them for others:
From Initial Coin Offerings to Security Tokens: A U.S. Federal Securities Law Analysis This is an excellent legal analysis of the state of US legislation governing the crypto space. It was authored by Michael Mendelson, a partner with Wissing Miller, LLP (www.wissingmiller.com), a boutique intellectual property and technology business law firm. It is critical reading for any entrepreneur considering launching a security token available to US consumers or headquartered in the US. Expert 60 minutes reading Like the report? Rate them for others:
Crypto Security
What are the risks in Defy (decentralized finance) ? A good synopis of the state of risks from hackers, exploits, etc in 2021. From the cryptoexperts at Consensys. Advanced 20 minutes reading Like the tutorial? Rate it:
Tool to Rank Defi Protocols By Historical Risk Found a great return for you crypto stash, but not sure of the safety? Faithful to the decentralized credo of cryptocurrencies, this open source web site uses a github-based collaborative approach to ranking the different defi farming pools by risk. Advanced 1 minute scan Like the tutorial? Rate it:

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