Coming Soon – Visa Debit Card from MCO Linked to Crypto!

While crypto has been exploding in popularity over the past year, there is still one big issue holding it back. Once you drop your money into it, you can’t really spend it very easily. Ok, sure, you can buy certain things with Bitcoin, but as far as running to the store and picking something up, crypto just isn’t the vehicle of choice. For the moment.

Monaco (MCO) has been working hard to create a system that would allow you to store multiple currencies, including both fiat and crypto, and then use them for any type of transaction you want. People in many countries can actually go to their website and request a Visa branded debit card right now, which will be able to be used at stores, online, and anywhere else you could use a Visa card.

On top of that, you can earn up to 2% ‘cash back’ on every purchase. The cash back will actually be added to your crypto account, which makes this a nice option for increasing your overall investments as well.

Not surprisingly, using this card will be the same no matter where you are spending it. International travel will no longer be a costly hassle when it comes to how you pay for the products and services that you need.

Most people are expecting Monaco to start shipping out the first batch of cards this week, which will mark the first time that people can easily buy anything that they would like, using crypto, with just the swipe of a card.

If you haven’t signed up for a Monaco card yet, you can do it free of charge, HERE. If you sign up soon, you’ll get $10 as a bonus during a promotion they are running to gain users.

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Coming Soon – Visa Debit Card from MCO Linked to Crypto!

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