5 Quick Tips to Find Coins with Huge Potential

Whether you’re a seasoned crypto-investor, or you’re just getting started, learning how to spot the best deals around is important. After all, who wouldn’t like to learn about a coin trading at 10 Satoshis, buy in heavy, and have it go to 1000 to 100x your money. This desire is so strong that many people even say (half-jokingly, perhaps) that they want to just buy $100 worth of every coin that is under 100 sats with the hope that one will become huge.

Rather than just attempting to throw your money at hundreds of potential coins and hope that a few do well, there are some ways to spot great opportunities early. The following five tips will give you a great place to start:

  • Check the Market Cap – The market cap is far more important than the price. Finding a low cost coin is an easy first step, but if the price is low but the market cap is high, chances are it isn’t going to go up significantly. Finding that combination of low cost and low market cap is a good first step.  
  • Reddit – Check out the sub-reddit for the specific coin you’ve found. Keep in mind, however, that these are mostly going to be ‘fan boys’ of that particular coin. They will list all the reasons why buying this coin is a good idea. Also, look at the main ‘crypto currency’ sub-reddit and find posts about that coin for a slightly more objective look at the coin.
  • 4chan – I hate ever recommending anyone go to 4chan. It is appropriately nick-named the ‘Asshole of the Internet.’ The 4chan.org/biz/, however, can provide you with some excellent tips on finding incredible opportunities. That being said…DO NOT venture off of that part of the site. You have been warned.  
  • Know the Company Behind the Coin – The numbers and hype about a coin may be important, but they are nothing if the company behind the coin is weak. Look at their product/service/idea. Does it provide value? Does it solve a problem? Does it really benefit from a coin (or token or whatever). If the company isn’t strong, the coin will fail sooner or later.
  • Whitepaper – Just about all coins have a whitepaper written to explain what it is, and why it is important. As boring as this may sound, spend the time to read it through. These papers can provide a lot of insight into what the future of the coin may look like. The vast majority of people investing in crypto never read a whitepaper (or do much other research) and then wonder why they missed out on a great investment opportunity.  Don’t be like these people.

Investing in crypto comes with a lot of risk, but if you do the necessary legwork to discover those ‘diamonds in the rough’ (and no, I’m not talking about Bitcoin Diamond here), there is a huge amount of money to be made.

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Ratthanan Phalikhamin
Ratthanan Phalikhamin

is there some ico you think is inserting nowaday in december?


5 Quick Tips to Find Coins with Huge Potential

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